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Aromatherapy treatments are beneficial for both the psychological and physical elements of the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy takes advantage of the pure properties available through plants. The essential oils are suitable to apply in different treatments such as full body massage, back massage and facial massage. For the treatment you can relax on a bed while an individual blend of essential oils are applied through massage and pressure techniques to the skin. High quality oils are specially blended for you during treatments and can be purchased to take away and use in the bath, on compresses, inhalations or for personal massage.
Treatment times vary according to the area of massage. The first treatment will require 15 minutes additional time for a thorough medical consultation.

How can Aromatherapy benefit you?

· Promotes emotional well being and good health
· Helps relieve stress and tension
 Invokes deep relaxation
· Stimulates the imune system
· Calms and soothes the mind
 Improves body and lymph circulation
· Increases energy levels

In Preparation for Treatment

For some, permission to treat will be sought from your GP, aromatherapy can have a positive effect on many  illnesses and conditions but in more serious conditions this needs to be completed in conjunction with any treatment your GP is currently prescribing. If you are taking regular medication or are currently being treated by your GP, please contact Nikki Cookson for advice.
Similarly any other treatment being given by complementary therapists needs to be disclosed.

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