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Massage therapy in Skipton with Nikki Cookson
Swedish Massage helps us to relax and can help ease aches and pains. It helps trigger the release of the body's natural painkillers and gives a general sense of contentment. It can help improve or release the body's function such as reducing muscle stiffness allowing better movement following treatment.

How can Massage benefit you?

· Enhanced feeling of relaxation and contentment
· Relief of pain, eg. headaches, backpain due to stress and tension
 Release endorphins, the body's feel good hormones
· Improves body and lymph circulation
· Increases energy levels and feeling of vitality
· A general sense of wellbeing

In Preparation for Treatment

For some, permission to treat will be sought from your GP, massage can have a positive effect on many  illnesses and conditions but in more serious conditions this needs to be completed in conjunction with any treatment your GP is currently prescribing. If you are taking regular medication or are currently being treated by your GP, please contact Nikki Cookson for advice.
Similarly any other treatment being given by complementary therapists needs to be disclosed.

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