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Reflexology treatment in Skipton with Nikki CooksonReflexology can help to reduce stress and promotes self relaxation. It will be beneficial for both the psychological and physical elements of the body and mind. Many physical illness can begin or are exaggerated by the body being under stress. This is an effective way of helping oneself. The first treatment is approximately 75 minutes, which will allow time for a thorough medical consultation. Subsequent treatments will be 60 minutes.

For the treatment you can sit down or if you prefer lay on the couch whichever is the most comfortable to you. Only your feet and lower legs are exposed. An emollient cream is applied to the leg to help reduce friction on the skin. The foot and lower legs are massaged and then warmed up with a relaxation program. The foot and lower leg are then finger or thumb walked over in slow gentle action. The areas and zones of the foot relate to the form of your body.

How can Reflexology benefit you?

· Reduces stress and invokes deep relaxation.
· Improves the blood flow within the body.
· Aids the body to cleanse itself of toxins and impurities.
· Aids a whole system balance and approach.
· Can revitalise and give more energy.
· Helps the release of endorphins, the body's feel good hormones
  which can also provide a natural pain relief.
· A stronger immune system.
· It is self beneficial and enables the individual to help regulate
  and control their own health.

In Preparation for Treatment

For some, permission to treat will be sought from your GP, reflexology can have a positive effect on many  illnesses and  conditions but in more serious conditions this needs to be completed  in conjunction with any treatment your GP is currently prescribing. Similarly any other treatment being given by complementary therapists needs to be disclosed. 

If you have one of the following conditions you must seek permission from your GP prior to making an appointment:
· High Blood  Pressure
· History of  Thrombosis/Embolism
· Diabetes
· Cancer
· Pregnancy  (will treat after the first trimester)
· Surgery  (at least 3 months after)
· Fractures / serious sprains

Celebrate World Reflexology Week by booking an appointment with Nikki at the Craven Clinic

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